George Christian gets bottom-line results for clients whether he works alone or with a team.

Tort reform

As a lobbyist, legal counsel and president of the Texas Civil Justice League, Christian has worked on tort reform issues since 1987 and played a key role as drafter and negotiator of the landmark 1995 reforms in punitive damages, joint and several liability, venue, and Deceptive Trade Practices; medical and business liability reform in 2003; and asbestos reform in 2005.  These reforms are credited with improving the Texas business climate and producing substantial savings in litigation costs for Texas businesses and health care providers. Christian also has extensive experience in the workers’ compensation arena stretching back to the landmark 1989 reforms.

Health Care

Representing clients like Eli Lilly, Christian has worked on various aspects of health care policy and funding.  For example, in 1999 he assisted in the creation of a mental health care coalition that obtained a record $100 million increase in state funding for schizophrenia treatment and services.


On behalf of the Texas Forest Industries Council, Christian drafted and successfully advocated the largest tax relief package in the history of the Texas forestry industry (more than $100 million over ten years).  The package included both property tax relief and sales tax exemptions for timberland and personal property, machinery and equipment, and motor vehicles used in timber operations.

Tax and Fiscal Issues

Christian has represented the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association and various clients on state and local tax matters for more than two decades. Among the many projects in which he has been involved, Christian drafted a constitutional amendment and enabling legislation exempting pollution control property from ad valorem taxation, and then organized a coordinated campaign that won both legislative adoption of the constitutional amendment and voter approval in a statewide election.  This legislation has saved Texas businesses more than $2 billion in taxes. He also drafted and helped advocate passage of significant property tax reforms in the 1997 and 2009 legislative sessions (including a landmark constitutional amendment enhancing state oversight of appraisal districts). In addition, Christian has worked on numerous state franchise tax, severance tax, and sales tax issues.

Economic Development

For almost a quarter century, Christian has been involved in legislative initiatives promoting economic development in Texas. These initiatives include property tax abatements, the Texas Economic Development Act (Chapter 313, Tax Code), and the property tax exemption for goods-in-transit.


Christian has extensive experience working with clients on issues affecting Texas’ energy sector, particularly oil and gas production and transportation. Some of these issues include the severance tax exemption for high-cost gas; preserving the statute of limitations in underpayment of royalty claims; the construction of oil and gas leases; and legislation affecting indemnification provisions in construction contracts.

Insurance and Finance

Christian has represented insurance carriers and other clients with interests in the state’s insurance and financial regulatory system. He has worked on issues such as property and casualty insurance rate regulation; credit scoring; financial service provider participation in the higher education Optional Retirement Program and other state pension funds; and regulation of owner-controlled insurance programs. He also has experience with respect to issues affecting the state’s banks and financial institutions, including security interests, mortgage regulation, and the statutory liability of financial service providers.

Corporate Law

Christian has represented corporate and law firm clients with respect to proposed changes in Texas law affecting corporate governance, director and officer liability, audit requirements, and other issues. He also has experience with the Texas law of partnerships, limited liability companies, and other business structures.


Ph.D. History, University of Texas, Pending 2011

Ph.D. English, University of Texas, 2000

J.D. with honors, University of Texas School of Law, 1984

M.A. English, University of Texas at Austin, 1997

B.A. with highest honors, University of Texas at Austin, 1982

Plan II Honors Program, 1979-1982

Outstanding College Scholar, College of Liberal Arts, 1981-82

Phi Kappa Phi

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