Christian & Co. offers policy research, briefing documents, statements, bill drafting and expert testimony.


Get your facts straight. Don’t be the client who shows up at the legislature with a half-baked plan. Make sure your policy argument is backed up by comprehensive policy research that is crafted with sensitivity toward political conditions.

A Christian & Co. commissioned study comes with the peace of mind that seasoned professionals have developed the collateral materials in a tone that legislators appreciate and recognize.


Christian & Co. has a keen insight into the legislative process that comes from 25 years of hands on experiences and political accomplishments. Response to legislator and staff questions are handled with intimate knowledge that cannot be duplicated by other firms lacking personal involvement in the arenas of tax, tort, financial, natural resources and corporate relations.

The best policy positions can be derailed unless they are properly framed for legislative consumption. If statements, briefs, testimony and bill drafts miss the proper political tone, important and costly initiatives can fall into the pile of thousands of other bills that miss the mark. Let an experienced lawyer handle your next significant legislative initiative. Know that you have honesty, history, expertise and politics on your side.